Object can not be updated because it does not exist anymore

I use the deeplink module for anonymous users to create a new person. The deeplink works and an anonymous user can fill out the form and save it. The problem is that after validating the form and the anonymous user corrects his or her mistake in the form the custom save button generates this error: Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong here? After the validation the form is still intact with all the data and the required messages can be seen. Why has the guid changed? [EDIT] Did some more testing. Here is the microflow: Putting in an extra commit on the start of the microflow solved it. But I think this is a bug. Why should the guid change just because I do some validating before the commit?
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It shouldn't. I don't know what your "Persoon_Geslacht" microflow does, but maybe you can remove activities from there and from this MF one by one till your microflow works? What you're doing is a very common scenario (creating an object, do some stuff, then commit) so I'm somewhat skeptical about this being a bug in Mendix. It seems more likely that there's a mistake somewhere in your flow, but I can't conclude anything without seeing the entire flow :)