Difference in Data Source options for entity

Could somebody from Mendix explain the difference in this option screen when you place a data grid in a data view: What is the difference between selecting Database with Over association and selecting Type Association? What I see is that when I select Type Database the form is filled with all the search options and buttons are created if Auto-Fill is marked. But when I select Association all the search options are not generated and no buttons are created even though Auto fill is marked. But both options show the same data. What is the difference between those two?
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I am not sure as i have not used 4.0 yet. However i would guess that the difference lies in the way objects are retrieved. i.e.

  • Database means you will do a retrieve on the database to fill the grid.
  • Association means that you will not retrieve data from the database but get it from your associations/memory. This would thus also update if you change the association with a microflow.
  • Microflow fills the grid based on the result of the source microflow.