Why a warning when only an object is created?

Take a look at this flow: This flow creates a log object when a member of an entity has changed before the entity is committed. But why is Mendix generating a warning that the new created object is not used? I do like the warning system. But in this case I fail to grasp the reason why Mendix should produce a warning when a object is created (and not being used according to Mendix). I could see the reason of a warning if the newly created object is not committed. But with a commit in my opinion there should never be a warning. The fact that an object is committed to the database is I think enough proof that the object is (going to be) used. Or am I missing something here? Regards, Ronald
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I am confused, on your last comment...

if v4 did not actually change the way CREATE works, then you can only "tick" the refresh in client box. This does allow you to "show" the fact that you have created the object and would present a form with defined default values for the object in the domain model.

Assuming that this behavior did not (significantly) change, then the NEXT action in a workflow (like the one above) would be to have a CHANGE. On the CHANGE action you can actually tick the commit behavior......