How to retrieve distinct / unique records using a retrieve action

How can I retrieve distinct records using a retrieve action. These records have a different id but an attribute has the same value. Example: ID Key attribute 1 1001 2 1001 89 1001 3 1002 4 1002 I only need 2 records. 1001 and 1002
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You can use OQL to perform this action:

SELECT DISTINCT(entityID.keyid) FROM entity as entityID

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Also here is some useful documentation on OQL


I reread your question a couple of times, but I am still not clear what you want to achieve. Do you only want to retrieve all the records with 1001 and 1002? Or do you want a list of all the values of the attribute so that each value appears only once?

For the first you can use a xpath. The second you could use a list operation for it. Retrieve all the objects so you have a list and then do a list operation (union) on itself. You then have the same list but now distinct.


Hi Theo,

Mendix is not SQL, you 'll have to reflect these choices in the model. 1001, 1002 can be a in separate entity with an association to your entity. Retrieve them with myEntity/myEntity_KeyEntity/KeyEntity = 1001 .

If you don't want to change the model retrieve full list, order by key, make a key variable. Iterate over list, when the key does not equal the key var add that entity to your result list.


If you don't care which instance of the object you're retrieving as long as some attribute has some value, just do a retrieve in a microflow and select 'first object only'. Then use an xpath constraint, constraining on the value of the attribute that you want, i.e. [Attribute = '1001']