Inheritance Split in Mendix 4.0

Hi everyone! I just converted a project from 2.5.6 -> 3.2.1 -> 4.0.0 and I've found an interesting runtime error. My converted database contains a bucketload of entities inherited from a single parent. I can create new specialized objects with no problems, but when I trigger a microflow that contains an inheritance split, it always branches to the "empty" state. Anyone had this error crop up? I'm assuming with the new db structure for the data model implementation.
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Can you please file a ticket with this project and the old database? We don't know how this can occur but possibly your old database is not entirely correct.

Also are you saying that even for the new specialized objects the splits don't work? Or just for the old ones?


Update: this problem will be fixed in version 4.0.1 which should appear this week.