Server settings for database type Oracle

Does anybody know what is expected in the field 'URL' at the Server Settings when you try to realize a project with database type 'Oracle 10.2 en later'? I've already tried the IP and -network adresses of the Oracle-server, however this doesn't seem to work. For example: Oracle Database type = 10.2 en hoger Url = <internal network="" adres=""> Database SID = Mendix (this is an existing database on the above mentioned network address) Username = Mendix Password = <password> An URL is not common in Oracle land, where a TNS-entry is more commonly used. When deploying the project I get the following error; 2009-10-09 12:19:12.195 INFO - CONNECTIONBUS: Trying to create initial database connection... 2009-10-09 12:19:12.195 INFO - CONNECTIONBUS: Name: netwerkadres/mendix; Type: JDBC data store; URL: jdbc:orac le:thin:mendix@//netwerkadres; Driver: oracle.jdbc.driver.OracleDriver 2009-10-09 12:19:12.305 ERROR - CONNECTIONBUS: Opening JDBC connection failed with SQLState: null Message: I/O-uitzonder ing: The Network Adapter could not establish the connection Retrying...(1/3) It looks like the JDBC connectstring is not created correctly, jdbc:oracle:thin:mendix@//netwerkadress (the two '//' should be left out of the connect string, and the SID is not taken into account). Any help is appreciated.
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The URL field must contain the host name or IP address and the port number (if necessary) of the Oracle server.

Use the next settings when the database type is Oracle:

Database type: Oracle 10.2 and later
URL: hostname:port_number
Database name: database name or SID
User name: user_name
Password: password

This is an example:

Database name: XE
User name: testsuite
Password: ****

In the case above, Oracle Database Express Edition is used and the database name/SID is always XE. Are you sure that the database name in your case is 'Mendix' and not 'XE', 'ORA1' or whatever?

The Mendix Runtime connects to Oracle via the official JDBC drivers. On this page you see Data Source properties which are used when configure a JDBC Data Source. The Mendix URL field will be splitted by the ':' char. The left part is the Oracle serverName and the right part the Oracle portNumber.


Thanks a lot Jonathan, I tried your suggestion, and (just) adding the portnumber does the trick!