Building custom mobile widgets

I was just wondering is there any difference between building custom widgets for the pc view and mobile view? if so what are the most important differences to take into account and which dojo version are you using in mendix 4.0?
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There are some differences between normal widgets and mobile widgets you should be aware of. In short:

XML definition

In order to be able to use a widget on a mobile form, a widget should be defined as being a mobile widget in the xml definition:

<widget id="custom.widget.HelloMobileWorld" mobile="true">

Widget declaration

Mobile widgets are declared using dojo.declare instead of mxui.widget.declare, and should inherit from mobile.widget._Widget. For an example, see the mobile widget lifecycle documentation.

Available API's

The mobile user interface is defined in its own namespace: mobile. Everything defined in the mxui namespace is not available on mobile. Furthermore the 'mobile client' uses a different user interface subsystem (mx.ui) which defines a different API in mobile.

Although mxui.widget.Widget and mobile.widget.Widget do have a lot in common, there are some differences (see the documentation for details).

P.S. Mendix 4.0 uses version 1.6.1 of the Dojo Toolkit.