Check for is empty does not work with java call

Hello all, Not only do I have a question, I also have a 'solution' for my own problem. I like to share my experience. In our application, we need to convert multiple CSV's into one XLS file. This convert action was done by a program called ConvertXLS. Because of license problems we wanted another manner to do this action. Now, we have a java call written by an expert which does this entire convert and merge all together. This works marvelously! BUT... The problem comes when we want to import this XLS file (with Excelimporter). With the XLS that was created by the ConvertXLS program we could check empty values simple by doing xxx != empty. Now, with the java call, this does not work anymore. Anyone of you have experience with this? Our solution for this problem is to implement the check length(trim(xxx) != 0. This is a workaround, but does the trick. Still, checking on empty values would be preferred. Anyone?? BTW: we use the excelimporter for the import action and all attributes are strings!
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I am not sure if i fully understand your problem, but we usually check strings with

string != empty and string != ''

Or if you want to make sure that nothing is in the string, because it is imported or because users tend to fill the field with spaces.

string != empty and trim(string) != ''