Simple charts: Plotting pie with individual points.

I have a simple chart (flot) set up as follows: An entity that keeps the individual points for plotting -> [ My Entity integer:plotpoint1 integer:plotpoint2 integer:plotpoint3 ] I modeled it as such, so that I can have individual microflow triggers for each entry. (which works great with the default bar chart) When I switch from bar chart to pie chart then the 'plot individual points' doesn't work the way I understand it. I expect the series to be plotted on the pie chart, but only the first series(value) is plotted. Is there a way to get the pie chart to display all points if it is modeled this way ? (as I want users to be able to click on each point/entry individually) Or would I have to model it as such -> [MyEntity title:string value:integer] Thanks in advance.
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