NavigationTreev2 Not showing sub items and error

Hello :), I am using a Navigation Tree widget (v2.0) in 4.0.1 and I have two entities as follows : Category 1 | N Product One Category is associated with many Products. The navigation is set up: Entity = Category, Association = None and Entity = Product, Association = Product_Category. The Categories show but the Products do not. Also, an error in the console shows: " The association 'Product_Category' of object 'Category' with data store id '...' refers to a non-existing object 'Category' with data store id '...'. " Am I doing something wrong? If not, has anyone else had this problem?
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Can one of you file a support request? The widget is not verified yet against 4.0.

The 3.0 version of the widget is currently under active development, so we might implement minor feature requests as well if any.