Batch operations in 4.0

I see that in 4.x batch operations in the API are deprecated. I've got a project with quite a lot of batch operations called in Java actions on the API which will need to be refactored. However, if the facilities concerned are deprecated I shall eventually have to :-) In order to plan this activity can anyone tell me please when the deprecated API calls will be withdrawn altogether, and how this is now being implemented behind the scenes? In other words, is Mendix now batching in much the same way but doing it automatically, or is some other mechanism in use?
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As stated in the moving from 3 to 4 guide

In version 4 we deprecated the batch classes in Java actions. The reason for this is that regular creates, deletes and commits are just as fast now and the batch classes added no additional functionality. Everything works just as well in a microflow now. You can simply retrieve a number of objects with a limit and offset, change them and commit them all, and repeat this as often as necessary.

Most likely they'll be removed in 5.0 but that's not set in stone.