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In version 3 of the Modeler, a timezone entity was added to the System module, and is described here. I'm a bit confused about how this is meant to work in versions 3 and 4. I am testing users in multiple timezones and I expect that if a user has set a timezone, that date/times displayed in the client will be shown in that timezone and adjusted accordingly. However, this does not seem to be the case. The only thing that seems to affect the displayed timestamps are the Date/Time settings for the user's PC. If I have a PC with windows timezone set to GMT, dates are displayed in the GMT timezone even if the user has selected PST as the timezone in the application. In other words, the setting of timezone in the application does not seem to have any affect on the times displayed. Is this correct? In what way is this behaviour different to earlier versions where there was no timezone defined, and all adjustments were made from the client PC time settings? I realize that this setting also affects reports and actions run on the server, but I am just looking at 'client timezone' effects Edit: Thanks for the comments Bas. The bit that is confusing from that page is: User/client: The time zone where the client is running is used for presenting dates and times to the end user. The time zone is now (optionally) stored with each user to properly deal with daylight saving time. If the time zone is not set daylight saving time (DST) is not applied The phrase 'presenting dates and times to the end user' led me to believe it would control how dates are displayed in the client.
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Quoting the page you linked:

The server needs to know the time zone of each user. Unfortunately, the web browser cannot report this information. It only reports the current offset to UTC. This is not enough to determine the exact time zone and properly deal with daylight saving time of future and past dates. For this reason web applications often offer you the option of setting your time zone and we have now built this option into Mendix, too. You can explicitly set a time zone for each user and this time zone is then used for server operations.

This is an important detail. The client will always use the webbrowser's timezone (or UTC) for displaying dates, unfortunately this is not something we can influence. It's recommended to let your users set their timezone to the actual timezone their computer is set to.