enumeration constraint in XPath

Hey, Does someone know how to give an enumaration a specific value (or even better, not a specific value) in an XPath-constraint. It seams to only be possible to use a string. This is the formula we used (which did not work out):[MyFirstModule.Patient_Treatment/MyFirstModule.Treatment[not(Outcome = 'Positive')], where Outcome is an enumeration with the values "Positive","Negative" and "Pending". Thanks :).
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You should use != to indicate not equal to. So [MyFirstModule.Patient_Treatment/MyFirstModule.Treatment[Outcome != 'Positive']]

Or when not comparing multiple values you can write the short version [MyFirstModule.Patient_Treatment/MyFirstModule.Treatment/Outcome != 'Positive']

Also, it's not a string even though you type it as a string, you can only enter valid enum values there.



I have requirement for [Length=$IteratorStagingTable/length] in xpath constraint.

Where Language is attribute of Asset Table  in DM  and    length is attribute of IteratorStagingTable ,when i do above syntax in xpath  for length string type its work fine,but for type length as enumeration its showing  :Incompatible expression types:Enumeration

Please help!