Copy paste of table row

I am wrestling a bit with the copy pasting of a table row. May be it is me, but I think that the current copy paste should be elaborated a bit. Let me give a example: I have a merged row with a condition for visible set. I wanted to copy the condition for visible setting, so I selected the green cel and did a copy paste. I got this result: It did copy the condition but also inserted a row and gave every cell the same text. Now if I want to replicate the row the result is also not what I want: Only the text is copied and not the merging of the cells. Is it possible to only copy the condition or do an exact copy of the row (so that I get a row where the cells are also merged)? I do not think it is yet possible so I suggest that the copy paste function should be elaborated like for instance Excel where I could only copy the text, or formula or all etc. This way I could choose if I want an exact copy, only the condition or the makeup of the row. This would help me a great deal when designing forms. I would like to hear what others think before I file a feature request. Regards, Ronald
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Ronald, thank you for reporting this.

The fact that the label is duplicated four times is definitely a bug. Please file a bug report for this.

The fact that the copied row is 'unmerged' is a choice we made but I think it is indeed too aggressive in this case. You can file a feature request for that.

Copying only the condition or only the contents is not something we plan to support for now for the sake of simplicity.