SVN Conflicts

Hi there, We have just upgraded our project from Mx 2.5.8 to Mx 3.3. Added to Tortoise SVN and started developing. My colleague made a change to a microflow in Module A and I changed a screen in module B. Now there is a conflict in the .mpr file and we can't resolve it. How do we manage changes in the new Mendix version? I tried the documentation, but can only find Team server info, do we have to upload to Team server? Or can we manage changes locally using only Tortoise? Our Internet can be a bit buggy, so we would prefer not having to rely on being connected all the time. Kind Regards Frikkie
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Yes don't add it yourself to a SVN repo, but upload to the team server from the Modeler. Your colleague have to check-out the project from the team-server (again from the modeler) after you've done that. After that you can work together in the project file and Mendix will do the conflict handling.


What to you mean by Added to Tortoise SVN? A 3.x project does the SVN management for your.

But if you get a error when committing with the modeler you can do something like this:

  1. Close the modeler
  2. Copy your .mpr to a back-up location and after that delete the original mpr from the directory
  3. Right click in the directory and choose SVN - Update.
  4. Now you can do two things: you can do it the safe way by opening your project with the modeler and do your change again (in this case you don't need the back-up)

The alternative, but trickier method is this. Instead of step 4 you do the following:

  • Paste the backup made in step 2 in your project directory. Now open the modeler and open your project. You will have your changes in the changes list but you will also have a change on the document of your colleague. Revert that change and commit after that and you are in sync again.