Non persistable object not found

Since the google maps module makes use of an adress attribute which consist of several seperate elements I thought of using a non persistable object before creating google maps location. In a microflow I create the non persistable object and pass this object to the show form activity to show the form to the user. But when I try enter values in this form I get this: What could I be doing wrong? And what are the red marks here? Is that because of the object not found or because I am working with a non-persistable object? Regards, Ronald [EDIT] The problem is security. I forgot to give entity access to the non persistable object. So I guess the red markings is blocked by security reasons.
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Possibly the widget builder changed the module indicating that a widget is suitable for non-persistent entities, but still did not actually remove things like xpath requests which are not possible with non-persistent entities. Maybe he can clarify this? I've asked him to read this question.