LDAP Groups in AD

We're using the LDAP plugin to import persons into our application and create user accounts for these persons (optional). The customer has configured the A(ctive) D(irectory) in such a way that the structure mirrors their organisation structure. Not all users in a department are using our application however. The desctinction is made using a special group for our application, all users that are a member of this group should become persons/users in our application. As far a I can see however it is not possible to request all members of a AD group, you can only specify a node/map in the AD, after which all users in this node/map will be imported. Is this assumption correct, is what I want, importing all members of a AD group, not possible with this version of the LDAP plugin (_LDAP Version 2.0 alpha)? We've been able to query the AD in such a way using a LDAP query tool, that it returns all users in the specified group using this query(censored): (&(objectClass=user)(memberOf=[GROUP],CN=[NODE],OU=[NODE],CN=[NODE],DC=[DOMAIN],DC=[DOMAIN],DC=[DOMAIN])) Would it be an option to integrate this kind of querying in the LDAP plugin?
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We had the same problem.

I had to rewrite the ldap module to be able to cater for our needs. Unfortunately, due to company policy, I won't be bale to share the code, but if you have Java background, it is fairly simple.