Runtime Form /Widget Creation possible?

Hello Forum, I am evaluating Mendix, and need to create a Questionnaire type of application. I wonder if what I need can be done with Mendix. Basically I need to create a Form with Widgets (Questions and Answers) at runtime, or at least it should look that way. The requirements are as follows: An auditor should be able to create pages with questions of certain types (text, radiobutton, checkbox, etc.) to be configured with backoffice Form functionality in the database. Front office users answer the questionnaire where each question will be dynamically added to a page, after answering the previous one, until the last question on the page, after which the user can proceed to the next page with questions. The user should be able to page back and forward, showing the answered questions. Questions are dependent on each other, and will only show up, dependent on the answer of previous question. When a user changes an earlier answer, the form will dynamically change the list of question/answers. Has anybody seen or developed this kind functionality with Mendix before or can give me an idea how this can be done with Mendix? Thanks, Joost van der Schoot
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Hi Joost

I haven't done exactly what you are asking for in Mendix, but it is certainly achievable. Take a look at this module which you can download from the app store Questionnaire (project with demo data). This shows a simple questionnaire application demonstrating how you can set up questions with various types of data types for the answers - radio buttons, selection lists, text, dates etc.

I have done something similar to your other requirement in a sales scripting application where the response to the current sales step will determine the next appropriate step. A combination of these two concepts would get you close to what you are looking for.