Styling in Mendix 4

Hi Mendix Community, In Mendix 3 I used to be able to set the position of a image in runtime to display anywhere on the screen (Top left hand corner - Quirc logo) or Flikr image But in Mendix 4 it does not display outside of the content container (No image in the top left hand corner) or Flikr image How do I get the image to display on the top in runtime? EDIT!!! Mendix 3 index.html snippet <div class="MxClient_headerPane"> <div class="MxClient_logoPane png"></div> <div class="ImageViewer mendixImageViewer"></div> And Mendix 3 layout.css snippet .mendixImageViewer { position: absolute; left: 6%; width: 180px; height: 60px; top: 12px; background: #FFFFFF none repeat scroll 0 0; } With this code I can add a image in runtime and display it on top with Mendix 3 but not for Mendix 4. Mendix 4 has exactly the same code but for some reason it does not want to display the image outside of the contend container... Hope this helps Erik...
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I have found that the z-index of the div the image is in has to higher than the z-index of the div of the hearder pane...