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Hi, I'm never sure how the editable field actually works so wondered if anyone out there could help me understanding this. We have a form with 10 datagrids and most of them with one or two editable columns. In one datagrid, I update one cell value, I'm assuming (and I checked the db) that the value changed is stored in db. We had total values in other columns that by using a before commit microflow would update the totals, but got rid of those as we kept getting the form to freeze, so we just have a global update totals action btn that calculates all values from all grids. Now on each of my cell changes, I assume that only that request of change is sent to the server. In fact I can see in dev tools that almost 100 small requests are sent to server. So if I my grid has 10 values to update and I start updating one after another, by the time I get to the 3rd cell to update, I'm waiting 5secs to move to the next cell, then 7secs, and so on and so on. We now have no events whatsoever, so why would there be what looks like the whole form to be sent as a request when I'm only updating one cell in a grid. And because we have some icons in one of the columns we can see all icons being refreshed, which leads me to be believe the whole form is being updated, or perhaps it's just the grid but the size of it 10 records only gives the impression the whole form is being updated. This "freeze" of updating the cells is a big problem as the form is part of a financial application where users will need to update such details often and at a rate that a normal new/edit form would be too slow for input of just one or two fields. LR.
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Hi, our datagrids have at least 80 rows totally. If I change only one value (from zero to non-zero) lot of AJAX calls are sent to server. On my localhost it takes up to 3 seconds to update one value and if I want to update another one I need wait. On the cloud portal it takes up to 10 seconds to update one value. You can imagine how is this bad for end user when he wants to update 50 values. Can we somehow disallow sending data after value has been changed?? For example on some microflow button (takes all values from grids, makes calculations and sent back updated values). Any idea will be helpful.

Regards, Lukas