POP3/SMTP module possibility

On this link: forum post there is talk of a pop3/smtp module. Can I please ask for more information on this. We require multi sessions to a SMTP server (multiple in sense of unique smtp from addresses to uniquely go to that specific identified entity) as well as pop3 based on the unique SMTP settings (to identify the specific entity instance to work with). I am sure a combination of the email module and SMTP module can accomplish this with a bit of change, but if something easier exist in one go... Is there?
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I'm happy to send that module to you, but like I said in the other post, it's in some older version (don't remember which one though not 2.4 anymore by now), this is basically just something I put together as a prototype in my first week at Mendix so it's definitely not a finished product. It should roughly do what you need it to though. Let me know.