getCaption - best places to use it?!

Hi, I have a number of enums that keep displaying the key when in a datagrid under a string attribute. I found that "getCaption" is supposed to get the text value of the enumeration. Great, I have used a few times and all grand, but at times, in the same context as used before it gives me the following exception: lh: Failed to evaluate expression, error occurred on line 1, character 1 getCaption($othersSubCategory/SubCategory) ^ at Products.AutoGenerateOthersProducts.nested.cd314e3e-0a4e-4b41-ad5e-1e84b08afbd5 [1 of 49] (Change : 'Change 'NewOthersProductDetail' (Category, SubCategory, OthersProductDetailOthersSubCategory, OthersProductDetailCompany)') at Products.AutoGenerateOthersProducts (NestedLoopedMicroflow : '') Now, one day works granda, another day doesn't. If I use "toString" I get all the undesirable characters from the enum key. Is this getCaption still supported, where is the best place it actually works? Microflow, xpath only. Frustrating to say the least. Has anyone came across the same issue? LR.
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