Invalid currency validation is triggered after migration

We're migrating our mendix app to mendix 3.3.2 and I'm experiencing some strange behaviour. After opening a form, I see a validation text "Ongeldig bedrag" below a input field. When I search on this text in my project I found a system text invalid currency in the category Validation client-side. Problem is that this attribute is only entered in 5% of all incoming requests. So all our users will see this validation text and I want to prevent that. The validation text only shows after selecting a reference in my form. How can I fix this?
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If I understand correctly you now have set the validation in the entity?

I think you will have to do the validation with a custom microflow after an on change action. Because the reference triggers a refresh which triggers the entity validation. And since only 5% of the forms use this validation it is not usefull to set it on entity level. But may be I am understanding you wrong.