Calling an applet which opens a local file with parameters

We have succeeded in calling an applet which executes a local command. We can trigger the applet from an html page which we have included in the theme. The current (test) content of the page is: <html> <head> </head> <body> <applet archive="LocalCommandExecutor.jar" code="com.radiuz.LocalCommandExecutorApplet.class" height="100%" width="100%"> <param name="cmd" value="C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\iexplore.exe"/> <param name="args" value=""/> </applet> </body> </html> We now need a way to dynamically set the arguments because we need to provide context from the Mendix application to the applet (like a personname). We have looked at several apps from the appstore but not found a way to do this. I hope the question is clear and that anyone can help. EDIT The security risk is known, but limited due to several factors: a) this page is only accessible in a secured, logged in environment only meant for backoffice employees, b) the param configurability will be limited to variables specified by Mendix that do not make use of user input (the personname variable mentioned before was an incorrect example). Furthermore, we only want to make the args param configurable. Basically we want Mendix to generate the page with the applet in it and prefill the args param with Mendix supplied variables (much like Java Server Pages are capable of doing).
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Change the applet that you can invoke methods after starting. See this link