Mobile forms and anonymous user access allowed

I've been looking again at the unresolved issue I asked about here Problem accessing mobile forms on development machine. I tried to create a simple project to demonstrate the issue, but was not able to reproduce it exactly. Instead I have a similar issue. I have anonymous access configured to allow web users to open an initial form when they access the application. This launchpad form displays certain messages, and contains the Login Form widget so they can log in. After they log in they can access the rest of the application as expected. In the mobile client, in this configuration with anonymnous access allowed, they receive no prompt to log in, have no access to the application forms. and can do nothing. There seems to be no equivalent to the Login form for the mobile client, so there is no way to log the user in to access the application. Is there a workaround for this?
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I have had a similar problem and this issue will be fixed in the next releases of Mendix. I think there is a work around now using an anonymous login widget. If you need some more information about the widget let me know.