Non persistent object question

I noticed something with non persistable objects and wonder if it is a bug or not. I have a form which is filled by a microflow. The form is a view of non persistable objects. In the fill microflow I create the non persistable objects. When I debug this microflow I noticed that the form is only showing the data on the moment of creation of this object. All changes on this object although committed do not show up in the form. So when I create a non persistable object containing a string which is empty on creation but changed later in the microflow the form would show it empty instead of the value it was changed to. In the debug window I can see that although the object is changed this is also not reflected in the debug window. I assumed that the form since it is generated after the microflow would reflect the latest in memory values. Wrong assumption? Regards, Ronald
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The form isn't really generated but already known client-side, it's just data being retrieved by microflow. So it should work like you assumed.

I just tried this and I can't reproduce the problem. I did make the project in but afaik there weren't any changes concerning this. Can you file a ticket with reproduction?