Document Generation styling with CSS not working

I have created a microflow that generates a document. The document has a table layout with borders shown in color. I managed to style the border to required colors, cells to required widths by dragging the columns to suit document design. Now the problem is that when the document is generated, the output displays the outer borders on the left side of the document but not the right which leaves all rows with no borders on the right. I have used custome css styling to resize the tables but no luck. Anyone have done something similar to this?
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the borders are probably causing this, when you add a 1px border to a table and set the table to 100% width, the width will probably be 100%+2px..

try calculating the exact width in px by using the Pixel per Inch and the document template width height.

For example 120 PPI, 8.268 Inch width = 992,16 px (992px) If you change the PPI value the pixel width will change to.