Error handling in version 4

I am in the process of handling the error messages after a webservice call. In version 4 I have a lot more options open then before, but I am a bit confused by the choices. Mendix 4 has the following error messages: $lastErrorMessage $lastErrorStackTrace $lastErrorType $lastSoapFaultCode $lastSoapFaultDetail $lastSoapFaultNode $lastSoapFaultReason $lastSoapFaultRole The first two I am familiar with and more info can be found in the forum. But I could not find in the documentation references about the other ones. What can I do with the lastErrorType? I assume that the first two Soap faults are the same as lastErrorMessage and lastErrorStackTrace. Could somebody from Mendix elaborate on the others or point me to the documentation?
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The soap ones are just fields from a soap exception, so if you had a Web Service exception occur you can get the details from those. For details on the fields you can for example check w3schools.

lastErrorType is just the type of the exception, i.e. the name of the class implementing java.lang.Exception