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We've noticed that in Mendix 3.x.x the headers of datagrid columns are flexible positioned. That's a nice feature, but we're experiencing some strange issues with a couple of forms. When we navigate to a form with 50 datagrid rows, we see that the scrollbar is higher positioned than normal: When this happens, the datagrid headers and the control bar aren't flexible when you scroll down. When I open Firebug or resize the browser windows, the client places the scrollbar on datagrid level: If the scrollbar is positioned on datagrid level it all works fine. When I scrolldown, the client will adjust the collumn headers to a new position. I tried to reproduce this problem in a test project, but in my test project it all works fine and I can't reproduce it. Even with the same theming. Anyone with the same issue?
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I do not have the same issue as you, but there do seem to be some strange layout glitches in versions 3 and 4. For example, if you have a form containing a tab container that is wider than the default pop-up width it draws like this with right-left scroll controls: tabs 1

These scroll controls are not actually needed as the dialog is set to render at a larger width (800 wide instead of the default 600). If you click the restore control the tab is then correctly displayed like this: alt text

It seems the calculation on whether to include the scroll controls is done using the default layout size, rather than the final dialog size specified. I wonder whether something similar is causing your issue, in other words, is something causing a resizing of your layout after the scrollbar has been positioned?


To be more precise the troubled code is this:

<div id="mxui_wm_ContentManager_0" widgetid="mxui_wm_ContentManager_0" style="overflow: auto;" class="MxClient_contentManager" focuscycle="true">

After a resize the style attribute disappears and the scrollbars are as expected.
Samet, maybe you can add this in your original post?


We also have a similar issue with tabcontainers. Opening a tabcontainer within a tabcontainer, shows three bars. Resizing the window (even only by 1px) solves the issue temporarily.

alt text