Could not find element for path part

Hi guys, I am calling an external webservice to send sms. In the microflow, I first create sms object and set all required parameters by the called operation. I use Simple (Converted to custom body) option on Request body and the Response is of type string(arrayString). The request is sent successfully but when returning the response, Mendix produces the error: kZ: Could not find element for path part '' The complete stack trace is as follows: kZ: Could not find element for path part '' on path '|return|' at SendSMS.IVK_Send_SMS_2 (CallWebservice : 'Call web service 'sendmsg'') Advanced stacktrace: at mf.a(SourceFile:188) Caused by: com.mendix.systemwideinterfaces.MendixRuntimeException: Could not find element for path part '' on path '|return|' at oc.a(SourceFile:89) at oc.a(SourceFile:60) at lo.a(SourceFile:121) at lo.a(SourceFile:83) at mf.a(SourceFile:73) at me.executeAction(SourceFile:101) at com.mendix.systemwideinterfaces.core.UserAction.execute(SourceFile:57) at at hC.b(SourceFile:182) at com.mendix.core.Core.execute(SourceFile:219) at gm.execute(SourceFile:186) at iW.a(SourceFile:285) at ja$g.a(SourceFile:126) at ja$g$a.a(SourceFile:118) at ja$g$a.apply(SourceFile:116) at$class.apply(Actor.scala:545) at ja$g.apply(SourceFile:112) at at akka.dispatch.MessageInvocation.invoke(MessageHandling.scala:25) at akka.dispatch.ExecutableMailbox$class.processMailbox(ExecutorBasedEventDrivenDispatcher.scala:223) at akka.dispatch.ExecutorBasedEventDrivenDispatcher$$anon$4.processMailbox(ExecutorBasedEventDrivenDispatcher.scala:123) at akka.dispatch.ExecutableMailbox$ at akka.dispatch.ExecutorBasedEventDrivenDispatcher$$anon$ at java.util.concurrent.ThreadPoolExecutor$Worker.runTask( at java.util.concurrent.ThreadPoolExecutor$ at at I'll appreciate your help.
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