Two-factor authentication

I am wondering if there are any ways of "Two-factor authentication" made possible by Mendix. For example: is it possible to send an sms to someone's phone that includes a code to enter within an application? And if so, can it only be done with Mendix 4.0 (+)? The application I need it for still runs on 3.2.1.
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It's possible to do this, but you need to model this. After the normal login, you can redirect the user to a form where the user needs to enter a code. If this code is accepted, he will continue in the application, otherwise logged out. You just need to create some logic to send a sms to the mobile phone of the user. Extra steps to achieve this:

  • Send an sms with a code to the user after login
  • Redirect user after login to form with code check
  • If code is right, redirect to other page. If not, log used out

Edit after comments:

Don't use this solution, it's not safe.