How does the reference set selector connect ?

I am having a spot of trouble... I need to set a relation based on a reference set, using the standard selector in a screen. Normally the Add button pops a Select Form and the stuff I select there ends up being connected.... I my case I need more specific handling, as in some case I do NOT want to allow Multi-select, and in some cases it will be OK. But I wont be able to determine this until after the choice is made. I figured I could substitue the "Select" button on the Selection Screen with a Microflow to handle the checks, but I have no clue how to pass my ORIGINAL object to those flows. Suggestions ?
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You could model this:

Create a custom select form. This form has a data view with the object your want to pass to your verification microflow and a data grid which allows multi-select with the objects you wish to connect.

Create a custom save button on the data grid which passes the selected object and the enclosing object, verify the input and set the selected objects as reference.

Create a custom microflow which passes the object you need to verify to your newly created select form.

Screenshot to clarify: