Close in content form from pop-up

Once in a while we run into the limitations of the close form functionality in Mendix. This is one such a day. Essentially, all we are trying to do, is to close two forms from a microflow trigger in a pop-up: both the pop-up itself, and the in-content form underneath. There are many cases where this functionality would be useful, but in this situation, it's a simple confirmation: [Close case] "Please enter the reason for closing this case" User selects reason [Confirm] That last [Confirm] button should close the pop-up and instantly the form behind it as well, because the user initiated the [Close case] action from that in-content form, so expects it to close. Currently, this does not seem to be possible (2x Close action doesn't do anything...). However, I am quite sure the application "knows" what the in-content form is, and what the in-content form before that one is. After all, if I click cancel/close after the pop-up is closed, the user is returned to the previous form. If the application knows what the previous in-content form was, I feel there should be a way to tell it return there. Could this be implemented somehow? (note: I am aware of possible 'work-arounds' but these don't help us out much here. We can't specify a form to return to in a microflow, as there are many ways leading in and we can't be sure what the 'return' form is.
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