Database replication - create table mappings

I installed the database replication module (and the MxModelReflection module, as a dependency) into my project and connected successfully to a database I wish to import from, and when I try to create table mappings I can see all the tables in the import source database. But when I bring up the selector for a model object (module and type) there's nothing in the list so I can't connect the source table to the corresponding type in my model. The list should be full of Mendix object types I assume, being all the types available in the model of the currently running application, right? But it's empty.
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Did you configure the MxModuleReflection? See its documentation in the app store, section Configuration.

If the MxModuleReflection has been properly configured, do you see your objects in the MxObjects_Overview form (located in the module MxModelReflection, folder General)?