LDAP sync error due to subgroup in group that contains users

Hi, Our LDAP recently encountered the following error (blocking new user imports): Field 'sAMAccountName' not found in ldap directory 'OU=X,OU=Y,OU=Z,OU=ZZ,DC=RR,DC=local', is LdapServer.LoginField defined properly? After some research it turned out that OU X is a subgroup (recent change made by IT department) of OU Y, while the user was linked to group Y. The LDAP import seems to consider the subgroup as a user and throws the error. Once we moved the subgroup out of OU Y the error did not show anymore. Is this a known limitation of the LDAP module or is there a way to workaround this issue? Thanks.
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See the version history at: https://appstore.mendix.com/link/app/LDAP%20Synchronization

Are you using version 2.1 or higher?