Catch werbsevice errors (between webservice call & microflow handling)

Is there a way to catch/get errors thrown by Mendix Webservices before the microflow attached to the Webservice is called? e.g. when an mandatory field is not filled in, the webservice requestor gets an fault message. But is it also possible to retrieve this fault message and sent it from within the app to an functional administrator?
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I assume when you call the webservice that you fill in the values from an entity? Why not do checks on these values before you call the webservice? Otherwise create variables. Fill the variables with the values and do the checking there and call the webservice with the values from the variables.




The common practice is that the system calling the web service should do the validation (or send the message to the functional administrator).

Otherwise, remove the validation from the web service, and validate the fields inside the microflow.