Multiple Parameters on Widget Microlfow

In my widget XML declaration, I can either pass 1 single object or a list as parameter. I would love to do both simultaneously. Is this even possible? Example of single object: <property key="OnSubmitMicroflow" type="microflow"> <caption>OnSubmitMicroflow</caption> <category>Button Logic</category> <description>OnSubmitMicroflow.</description> <returnType type="Boolean"/> </property> Example of list of objects: <property key="OnSubmitMicroflowWithList" type="microflow" parameterIsList="true" entityProperty="DisplayValues"> <caption>OnSubmitMicroflowWithList</caption> <category>Button Logic</category> <description>OnSubmitMicroflow.</description> <returnType type="Boolean"/> </property>
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No, that is not possible.

(Very dirty workaround is to define the type of the property as string instead of microflow and in the Modeler provide the name of the microflow as string. Javascript doesn't care. The microflow then needs both a list and normal object input parameter, and always one of them is set. Just using two microflows is probably a lot easier).