Data grid with a lot of columns

In 4.1 I want to show a datagrid with a (very) lot of columns. The problem is showing the columncaption of the grid. Because the columns are small (data is only a color so there no problem) the caption is not visible. I had the idea to use a CSS text transformation trick (-webkit-transform: rotate(-90deg);). But does not seem to work. CSS3 rotation is not yet implemented in the major browsers. Has anybody already tried anything like this within Mendix? Regards, Ronald
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Have you looked at putting a horizontal scrollbar on your datagrid? Something like scrolling datagrid This will allow you to have many more columns of a greater width.

This can be done in 4.1.0 by setting a Class to the datagrid, for example wideGrid2000, then adding a section to your CSS file like:

.tundra .wideGrid2000 .mendixDataGrid_tableWrapper {
    width: 2000px;

Hope this helps


Rotating text is possible, but as you said yourself this is not really supported by all major browsers just yet. I have had a try with it in IE 8 and it worked, but the results were really disappointing.

I used the following site to get things going. link