When using constrained by I still get an error message that my reference selector has more than 250 dropdown values?

I have two dropdowns from which the second dropdown is constrained on the first dropdown by the constrained by property. After selection of the first dropdown the second dropdown never has more than 250 dropdown values. However, when loading the dataview I get the error message that the dropdown cannot be rendered properly since it has more than 250 dropdown values. I would expect that when I did not select any value yet in the first dropdown that the second dropdown wouldn't be filled at all... How can I solve this issue properly without any functional workarounds?
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I guess you're talking about reference selectors.

Because if there is nothing selected in the first reference selector, the second reference selector isn't inititally constrained. So the second reference selector wants to show all objects, and that are in your case more dan 250 objects.

You can solve this by adding an XPath constraint. I will give solution for the following case:
- A dataview with object A
- A reference selector (the first selector) in that dataview for selecting B (relation a-b, 1-0)
- A reference selector (the second selector) in that dataview for selecting C (relation a-c, 1-0)
The last selector is constraint by the first because of the relation from C to B (c-b, 1-0)

In this case you can solve this issue by adding an XPath constraint to the second reference selector as follows: