Building e-commerce site

Hi, I thought I asked this question before, but I cannot find it anymore so sorry if this is the second time. I'm trying to get in contact with someone who has experience with building an e-commerce solution. Does anyone have experience with this? Currently I'm investigating if we could use Mendix for something like this.
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Hi Stephan,

For a e-commerce solution consider the following remarks from my subjective point of view:

  1. Processing logic can be done in Mendix
  2. Styling has sure possibilities but can not be compared to native e-commerce solutions.
  3. Connections to payment providers out of the box is limited to iDeal (Dutch). You can surely implement them, but you have to create them yourself.
  4. Mendix can handle many concurrent users, but for a 20.000+ it is not the first choice.
  5. If your back-office system is build in Mendix exchanging data (products, prices, purchases, images) is easy.