Debugging import of WSDL file

Is there a way to see the import/interpretation of an imported WSDL file in an Imported Webservice? I tried to import an WSDL, generated by SAP PI, but the result is No error message, but also No operations available in the Mendix dialog. Even though there are (async) Operations defined in the WSDL. I don't have a clue what the problem is, is there a way to set debugging/info messages on for WSDL import in the Modeler? Or do you know if WDSLs generated by SAP PI should be rewritten in order to be interpreted by Mendix modeler?
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I had the same problem and Mendix let me know it was because of the <service> tag was not in the WSDL.

This was what I did to fix it, maybe it works in your case to. Otherwise upload your WSDL so we can look into it.

  • Search for "binding" in your WSDL. There will be two attributes, name (x) and service (y). Write down their values.
  • At this at the bottom of the WSDL and replace the x and y indicators.
  • Add the following to the bottom of the WSDL, right before the definition close tag:

<service name="x"> <port name="x" binding="y"> <soap:address location="http://localhost:8080/ws/Published_web_service/"/> </port> </service>