Scheduled Event Status

We have Scheduled Events in our application and they are scheduled to run for every 2 mins. I am seeing a peculiar behaviour with one of the event which started and status is RUNNING and did not get completed (even though there is no Job to be processed), due to that reason this event is not running as expected. Could anyone let me know the workaround that needs to be done when this type of scenarios are encountered and identifying the root cause of the issue? I have read in the forum that we need to restart the server BUT this serves as a temporary solution, Is this the only way to get rid of this issue??
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A couple of comments:

  1. Just because a scheduled event has a status of Running does not mean that it is actually still running. If something stopped the event from completing, such as you stopping the application, the records in the Scheduled Events will remain in the Running status.

  2. Running scheduled events every 2 minutes can quickly build up to a lot of history records under scheduled events. I normally add a button and workflow to delete all the old records periodically to keep the number of history records manageable

  3. If you think that the events are not completing and are spinning a thread, your would normally be able to see this in application responsiveness and CPU utilization on the server, but you can easily add some log events to your microflow to log exacly when the scheduled event is actually firing. This will confirm whether something is indeed stopping it running as scheduled.