Read access issue in mobile form on attributes

Today I have tried creating my first mobile form. Unfortunately I'm running into an issue that is puzzling me. The issue has to do with read access on attributes. Here's the situation: I have an entity called "ManagerFund" in a module called "ImqGeneral". The module has a number of module roles: Administrator, Guest, Manager and User. Administrator has full read and full write access on entity ManagerFund. User and Manager have full read, but no write access on ManagerFund. Guest has no access to ManagerFund. For the regular web application I have created View and NewEdit forms that are only accessible by module role Administrator. No issues here whatsoever. Now I have created a mobile form with a List View based on ManagerFund containing only one attribute: OrganizationName. Property "Visible for" of the mobile form is set to Administrator and User. Here is where the issue arises. The Modeler shows an error stating: "No read access to attribute 'OrganizationName' in entity 'ImqGeneral.ManagerFund' for user role 'Guest'." This puzzles me since user role 'Guest' does not have access to the form at all. So why is the Modeler giving me this error message? I could solve it by granting access to the entity and attribute to the Guest role, but obviously that is not the way to go security-wise.
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I had to create an Alternate Home Page form for the Guest user role. As soon as I created this form, the error message disappeared.