Retrieve MxRuntime status by a Java action right after starting it up

Hi everyone, After sending the "m2ee start" by a Java action, I want to know when the MxRuntime is started (or failed). Now, I have to ask the server if It is ready every 1 sec with timeout 60 secs. If not, I will send another "m2ee start" and do the same things. However, some applications need more time to start, some need less, some do not start at all. So, this way is passive. Do you know anyway to implement this more actively : triggering "m2ee start" synchronously (from Java) and get the result "succeed/failed"? Regards, P/s: I used expectj.Spawn.send to send the m2ee commands. Sep 11: I recognize that what i want to do is similar to what happens in the cloud environment (start applications, stop...). So maybe Mendix already knew techniques or had APIs to do that? Could you give me some suggestions?
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