Setting an enumeration value via an administrator form

This might be a stupid question, but i would like to know if it is possible to set enum values from a form, i have been trying to do so via a micro flow, but without success. Could anybody please tell me how to go about setting these values say from the point of view, where a administrator would be able to create new enum values that the user may only then select from a dropdown menu. The idea is for the administrator to be the only one able to create new categories upon user request.... I was trying to retrieve the enum in a list and then setting the new values by adding/changing the list.
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You cannot change enumerations at run time, although this is not specifically mentioned in the reference guide, one could infer it from the text about enumeration keys ( It is logical however, since Mendix generates forms which can contain cells which are visible for certain enumeration values only. Adding or removing enumeration values would mean these forms have to be generated again, and that is something the business modeler does, instead of the business server.

If you want a drop down list with choices which is editable at run time, you should model it as a entity, and use a reference selector. Then, at run time, you can create objects to populate the list.