Setting up the domain model in SQL server

On a previous question if it was possible to have mendix use external databases, instead of it's own internal one. I was recommended to use an app that would import the desired data into the database, and for a while that was suficcient. Now, i would like to experiment some things with using mendix on an SQL server, and i would like to know how can i set up the domain model in SQL server.
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You can just connect to an SQL server and pass a database name and the server will generate the required database and database structure for you.


Here are some screenshots of how to enter the database connection information if you are using MS SQL Server as the backend database.

In the Modeler: in the modeler

In the Windows Service Console: Service Console


Are you able to provide an example of how this is done please? I wish to create a Mendix project which uses an MS SQL Svr db. The connection parameters for this DB is:-


How do I set this up in Mendix as I cannot find a way to do it?

Thx. James.