Deleting scheduled events

In an app in the cloud I have empty lines within my scheduled events overview. No idea how they got there. But now how to get rid of them? Since the scheduled events are from the system module and not even MxAdmin can delete those records how can I do this? It seems a bit strange to me that these records cannot be deleted. Furthermore I think it is unnecessary to keep all the records. I would like to be able to only keep records of the last couple of months, not since the application went live. Could anybody from Mendix give comments on how to remove those empty lines and on how long these records are kept in the system?
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I'm not from Mendix... :( But, even though you can't delete those records interactively with a standard delete button, you can delete them through a microflow. Either add a button and use the deleteAll java action from Community Commons to delete all history records, or add a button and a microflow to perform a query to select the records you want, and delete them in a loop.

You can even add a Scheduled event to run the microflow