Validation in form - Required not working properly

I have an Entity called Test. It has the field: Email. Email has 1 validation rule, that it is required. I have created a form that calls a microflow. The microflow is set to "Abort on validation errors". My problem: If I click the microflow button without entering any values, no validation takes place and the microflow is called. If I use a generic save button then it shows the validation error message, which correctly stops it in its tracks. If I add a regex validation to Email, and type an inproper email, pressing the microflow button results in the regex validation message being shown and the microflow is not called. But again, leaving the field empty does not show any validation errors and calls the microflow. Does anyone know what is going on?
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I found that I can set the field as required in the actual form, then it behaves as expected.

Problem is that I must provide a new error message, and duplicate this every time that I want this standard behaviour that I would expect having been defined in the model :/