Nested Data View not saving

I have a data view that has a microflow as source. It is getting its data across a 1 to 1 association between a region and its address, when I debug the microflow that populates the nested dataview for region.address it creates the related record, if it did not previously exist, I can see the relationship is created as expected. If I put a text field into the nested dataview it shows the association is populated with the reference as I would expect. However when I amend the other data fields in the address and save the record again using a microflow the data and the association are not picked up when the entity is passed to the microflow. (I am using a commit action) When I debug and look at the region-address association it shows as empty. However if I use a standard save button it saves the record (but does not do the other actions that I need.) From then on using my microflow or the standard save button does not seem the change the behaviour, data is saved for changes. Any idea's as to where I am getting this wrong?
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Your observation is correct, with the default save button all data from nested data views is saved.

If you use a microflow, you have full control and full responsibility to commit everything yourself. Retrieve all nested data (over assocations !) and commit it.

Be careful to use associations because you don't want data from the database now.