Mendix 5 - Whats your most favorite new feature?

Mendix World came with great announcements about Mendix 5. Not only great features, but also the modularized process building them was very good news. The process in itself makes me as a user trust Mendix development is in good shape to deliver on their promises. I'm very enthusiatic about a number of new features. One I didn't read back on in the press releases, was the "hot plugging" feature. Which I think is totally cool and very useful. Hot plugging, I mean the ability too upgrade a component in an application stack without stopping the application. At least, that's what I understood. Not sure how that deals with users that are currently using that module ... Hot plugging is fantastic when you do not have support windows to bring the system down. Or when you have to release new versions regularly. Sites like release more than once a day.
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Where can we find Mendix 5 release notes?